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He blamed Columbia, and called for Trump to denounce terrorism in the Western Hemisphere, including in Venezuela.

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Akinonris 8 months ago
US history approves of this message. See WW2.
Kadal 8 months ago
Time doesn?t exist in the land of make believe.
Fenrim 7 months ago
If you would like me to.
Nijin 7 months ago
I'm just too dirty
Akisar 7 months ago
Nah, its fine ST.
Faugis 7 months ago
It's a couple of teenage edgelords being edgy.
Arashigul 7 months ago
Close, I do drive a pick-up.
Kezuru 7 months ago
Well, my kids are girls, so...
Kigal 6 months ago
In my experience, he's been civil.
Moogushicage 6 months ago
Let's step back a moment.

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