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He blamed Columbia, and called for Trump to denounce terrorism in the Western Hemisphere, including in Venezuela.

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Akinonris 10 months ago
US history approves of this message. See WW2.
Kadal 10 months ago
Time doesn?t exist in the land of make believe.
Fenrim 10 months ago
If you would like me to.
Nijin 9 months ago
I'm just too dirty
Akisar 9 months ago
Nah, its fine ST.
Faugis 9 months ago
It's a couple of teenage edgelords being edgy.
Arashigul 9 months ago
Close, I do drive a pick-up.
Kezuru 9 months ago
Well, my kids are girls, so...
Kigal 9 months ago
In my experience, he's been civil.
Moogushicage 8 months ago
Let's step back a moment.

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