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996 08:3110 months ago

Those pictures were in my purse. I take them everywhere I go...O_o

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Akinot 10 months ago
Oh! You need weed!
Mikajar 10 months ago
Yeah put that same bison in his jail cell.
Vubei 9 months ago
He had to right to do that
Shanris 9 months ago
What if we are bald?
Yorisar 9 months ago
Welcome soldier.. salute from me
Kazira 8 months ago
Hii.. how are you
Jurisar 8 months ago
tia, i was just having fun. lighten up.
Tushakar 8 months ago
Not for the tango, Mark Hoople. >:/
Zuluzil 8 months ago
I feel like a Bond girl! "-) Thank you!
Fenrirr 8 months ago
I'm the same unless I get money
Shakajar 8 months ago
You avoided addressing the implications of the question.
Muhn 7 months ago
A good one no.
Dumi 7 months ago
Don't f'ck with Jersey, she'll cut ya. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Akitaxe 7 months ago
And I wish I could get out.
Sagal 7 months ago
Geena Rocero on Ted Talks:
Akisho 7 months ago
Yep...That's what I did!
Zulkishicage 7 months ago
For the last month I've alternated between this
Nalabar 7 months ago
"Which way to the non-gender specific ladies room?"
Nikojin 6 months ago
How are they not?
Vugrel 6 months ago
Yes. They should call that one the pro-atheist channel.

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