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389 14:268 months ago

Lol yeah :p though it's usually just in the comfort of my own home haha

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Akinorn 8 months ago
Yes, you are right, he isn't a scientist.
Taull 8 months ago
When did Huffington Post become "mainstream news"?
Kejar 8 months ago
But can you tip one.
Shaktibei 7 months ago
How about you explain it?
Mujind 7 months ago
I will give some examples:
Akinonos 7 months ago
Stop sayibng against me and just tell me, sarah.
Yorisar 7 months ago
Well written OP, Chase. Nicely done!
Tujar 7 months ago
There can never be disagreement in this
Zulkimi 7 months ago
Here are five, complete with video PROOF!!
Zulkirg 6 months ago
Sorry love I hope u laughed
Vuzahn 6 months ago
And where is marriage defined, then?
Tygokora 6 months ago
In which regards, son?
Nasida 6 months ago
The turtle dipped in for the largest amount.
Kazragal 5 months ago
Combination of Zoey D. and Brooke V.
Voodoora 5 months ago
That is a significant difference.
Groramar 5 months ago
Don't f'ck with Jersey, she'll cut ya. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Shalabar 5 months ago
Are you Bill? No. Go away.
JoJoshura 5 months ago
As you revel in Alex Jones being taken down.
Yozshusho 4 months ago
It is obvious that you are the master baiter...
Kazragrel 4 months ago
Didn't thjey always refer to him as YHWH?
Akill 4 months ago
That's what's happening though. Discrimination of sex.
Fenrijas 4 months ago
whoa, pump the brakes bud, haha
Vujar 3 months ago
Knock off the complaining about my manners.
Bazahn 3 months ago
How do you retain faith?
Taugar 3 months ago
And so the destruction of western civilization continues unabated.
Doulkis 3 months ago
Racism deleted. Not OK on this channel, Mark JM.
Met 3 months ago
Say the person who cannot counter the argument.
Gardajind 2 months ago
Asinine comment, Sandy. Then, what else do you have?

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