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I said irrational fear or aversion. Your aversion to homosexuality, by trying to irrationally equate it to murder, rape, and pedophilia, is evidence of your phobia.

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Yolkis 7 months ago
Does anybody listen to the orca?
Grolar 6 months ago
The Flash,Arrow My one of fav shows.
Gajinn 6 months ago
I'm glad it worked out for you.
Tygohn 6 months ago
Catholic actually. Which is Christian-the first ones in fact.
Fenrilkree 6 months ago
That is very narrow minded of you.
Arazahn 6 months ago
One thing I absolutely love is that
Samutaxe 5 months ago
How can science prove your wife loves you?
Mikamuro 5 months ago
It is so disgusting to see 2 men kissing.
Meztiramar 5 months ago
Again, these are YOUR words, not mine.
Mikagul 5 months ago
TIL Only people running for Congress can have narratives.
Gardaramar 5 months ago
If God existed Trump would not be ...
Samuzuru 5 months ago
I am, I'm having a good day today.
Voodoora 4 months ago
One needds to be born. That is not halfway
Kajizuru 4 months ago
Is there a Vampire Channel on this site?
Natilar 4 months ago
Tim Curry, he was great in this role!!
Daile 4 months ago
Doncha just love that guy?
Faumi 3 months ago
When it comes to upvotes, I do.
Malalabar 3 months ago
There are limits though. LOL!
Nidal 3 months ago
I won't vote, because it's rotten anyway.
Dait 3 months ago
I know! What happened?!?
Yozshuzahn 2 months ago
Haha :D *howls with James* xD
Gohn 2 months ago
I'm sorry, but that is a really self-destructive attitude.
Shamuro 2 months ago
Laughable... your silly weasel words have no effect, either.

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