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Oh, it's not that I didn't read what you wrote regarding father ,'s just that your point was absurd. You are applying today's usage to 2,000 years ago. Biology is another irrelevant point since.again, the whole source of your material comes from 2,000 years ago. So you aren't really taking the time period in which this god was invented, just applying today's interpretation of scripture. The bible also clearly states that man was created in the image of god and that woman was created out of the rib of man. As far as the term father was indeed used as a title of authority.but find me a historical usage where that was used for a woman and maybe you might have a point, but instead you find this

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Zulkizilkree 10 months ago
lol he is one arm short?
Shaktiktilar 9 months ago
Nah. It?s the lack of gods.
Voodookazahn 9 months ago
Yes that is the good thing about it
Tajas 9 months ago
My stomach at 11:59!
Kigakora 9 months ago
Yea!!! I'm so excited for you grandma!!!!!
Kikree 9 months ago
"So someone is lying either Jesus or Muhammad."
Jur 8 months ago
Hehhehehe but i like Teighas beauty more ??

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