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928 08:078 months ago

Your avatar is a drinking vessel, correct? What do you put in it?

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Gall 8 months ago
Devil's advocate, humans were made in God's image.
Arajinn 8 months ago
Speaking about skulls. Did you get the question?
Akinolrajas 8 months ago
Why do Americans go to religious services?
Vuramar 7 months ago
Sorry but it's QUANTUM physics.
Jujar 7 months ago
And a single mother isnt a father.
Temi 7 months ago
I thought it was the King Cobra version.
Gomi 6 months ago
Lmao! And I never say that.??
Dougami 6 months ago
she does have a special "thing"
Bazshura 6 months ago
you have a smart lawyer
Mezizuru 6 months ago
Lol! In stubbies...get yer
Vutaur 5 months ago
Didn't make it up
Yogrel 5 months ago
What do you think the reason is?
Malagul 5 months ago
Ohhh Mk ultra 2??
Kibar 5 months ago
He says that marriage
Kagabei 5 months ago
No part of this matter involves criminalizing speech, derpy.
Vushicage 4 months ago
For the 1400 year historical truth of islam see

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