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928 08:0710 months ago

Your avatar is a drinking vessel, correct? What do you put in it?

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Gall 10 months ago
Devil's advocate, humans were made in God's image.
Arajinn 10 months ago
Speaking about skulls. Did you get the question?
Akinolrajas 10 months ago
Why do Americans go to religious services?
Vuramar 10 months ago
Sorry but it's QUANTUM physics.
Jujar 9 months ago
And a single mother isnt a father.
Temi 9 months ago
I thought it was the King Cobra version.
Gomi 9 months ago
Lmao! And I never say that.??
Dougami 9 months ago
she does have a special "thing"
Bazshura 8 months ago
you have a smart lawyer
Mezizuru 8 months ago
Lol! In stubbies...get yer
Vutaur 8 months ago
Didn't make it up
Yogrel 7 months ago
What do you think the reason is?
Malagul 7 months ago
Ohhh Mk ultra 2??
Kibar 7 months ago
He says that marriage
Kagabei 7 months ago
No part of this matter involves criminalizing speech, derpy.
Vushicage 6 months ago
For the 1400 year historical truth of islam see

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