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I heard amazon is now removing all neo-nazi and Alex jones garbage form their sites too.

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Gugrel 6 months ago
They just react. Thinking isn?t part of their MO.
Gardaktilar 6 months ago
Interesting video editing you've got there.
Mekree 6 months ago
Your way sure didn't work,.did it?
Sajas 5 months ago
But why is it extremely necessary?
Shaktibar 5 months ago
Youve never seen those ghetto sting show, have you?
Zulucage 5 months ago
Smartass I'm well educated, doubtless better than you.
JoJojora 5 months ago
You must be muslim.
Nikorg 5 months ago
Good, let her husband find a good, American woman.
Dailkree 5 months ago
then i should have typed it better?
Nira 5 months ago
Wait upon the Lord, faith, you know. Otherwise what?
Akiktilar 4 months ago
Are you a civil dissident or merely an anarchist?
Kigataxe 4 months ago
( Check's in the mail, Slouchy. )
Grojas 4 months ago
There many, many fish in the sea :)
Mir 4 months ago
You forgot Roller Derby, Ned Betty, and sisters.
Maukazahn 4 months ago
That is just one more unfounded assertion.
Fegul 4 months ago
Indeed.and their slaveholders were also Christian.sooooo
Kazikinos 4 months ago
I love being only yours??
Golkree 3 months ago
It's weird everyone's answer is Aries lol
Grojas 3 months ago
Then you're posting spam. Bye.
Sharg 3 months ago
"Only if they are white." -trumpers
Mooguhn 3 months ago
I check out the local news on the TV.
Mell 3 months ago
I want to say!
Meztikora 3 months ago
Here is my 10:
Goltitaur 3 months ago
Murders have been committed by men.

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