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821 09:5810 months ago

Yep. True. To me too. Why would He deviate from the whole of His creation and not have made for Himself Little Ones too. So where are they?

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Nikozilkree 10 months ago
No one said that.
Gukasa 9 months ago
But you didn't destroy their satellite, gravity did.
Vomuro 9 months ago
Oh I have to wait lol
Yocage 9 months ago
No that is actually a verifiable fact
Kicage 9 months ago
No major crises, so I got no complaints.
Mutilar 9 months ago
What medical journal did you read this in?
Kazijinn 9 months ago
Is that how the Indians kicked out the British?
Gatilar 8 months ago
Why should we need to believe in him?
Zolozragore 8 months ago
Which is illegal. But don't tell the libs that.
Kagasida 8 months ago
They fit in with the kneelers
Kami 8 months ago
She's not answering me, so I win. ??
Migul 8 months ago
^--- just one big one

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