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The real Fact ignored that Jesus distination was to jewesh to correct their believes after changing a lot Moises Laws. Jesus had no attention to build new religion which called chrestianity by human later roman empire period. so chrestians can not be jewesh because to be among jews you need blood jews first .The rule still update today any body is not jews can be muslim ,budhist,chrestian ,atheist but never jews.jews is not just a religion but its an origin too.

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Tojajind 9 months ago
Lonely abandoned wasteland ??????
Vicage 8 months ago
That is not the question I asked.
Voodoora 8 months ago
Good. I am one and work in a bar.
Tular 8 months ago
You are spot on with you assessment, Jeff.
Tolabar 8 months ago
Yes, I was just piling on. ?
Tygoll 7 months ago
trump voters at play.
Vishicage 7 months ago
Troll with a strawman. Yawn.
Mik 7 months ago
Inbred? Why are you describing how you were born?
Malajar 7 months ago
When I pee, I just falling over. :D
Faekora 6 months ago
They do and then they don't
Nashicage 6 months ago
Explain why their child's like that.
Goran 6 months ago
Trouble with drugs? Get addicted to God!
Tonris 6 months ago
Their wings are delicious.
Tojashicage 6 months ago
So you?re saying Scientology is just like Atheism ?
Nilar 5 months ago
Ooooh... is she available or hooked up?
Jugor 5 months ago
Yes they do indeed.
Vorisar 5 months ago
If only we could find that here.
Darr 5 months ago
You might want to check that.
Jugami 5 months ago
How old are you?
Goltikazahn 5 months ago
"off duty and working security at the store"
Dutaxe 5 months ago
The problem with peer-reviewed journals
Migor 4 months ago
Are you talking about "god" experience or mental illness?
Dugami 4 months ago
point is, building that reactor was against 'US'.
Mall 4 months ago
So True true!
Kajijar 4 months ago
Article says: "substantially affected the region's climate"
Sataur 4 months ago
None of those answer the question asked though.
Shajar 4 months ago
Damn you DCT,you could have warned me.....

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