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262 17:479 months ago

so many criminals making so many bad choices, Mr Brown falls into that category so excuse me if I don't shed a tear for a thug who got what he asked for.

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Nagore 9 months ago
Zombie apocalypse comes once every Election Day.
Nezshura 9 months ago
When did anyone ever say it was?
Vushakar 8 months ago
AB You almost have the picture.
Fegor 8 months ago
G-d Damn, does this corruption ever end?
Zulkisida 8 months ago
Not OUR universe, then, right?
Zukree 8 months ago
Tragic romance, not horror, but good attempt...
Arashiktilar 8 months ago
It feel good to hate gay parents?
Mikarn 7 months ago
"Publicly traded?!!" Do you actually understand the issue, Misha?
Tusar 7 months ago
Fact: Maryland is a Southern State.
Faedal 7 months ago
That coming from a Theist is a good laugh...
Nikorn 7 months ago
All of Hollywood will burn...
Meztikazahn 7 months ago
Is calling a fake god fake blasphemy?
Tukree 7 months ago
Your logic fails, and needs some work.
Doutaxe 7 months ago
You mean because of Alex Jones?
Bakora 6 months ago
shows His Love clearly.
Nikozilkree 6 months ago
Eh splinters can still form
Kazizahn 6 months ago
Did the Bank of China approve this yet?
Mehn 6 months ago
Look at it this way
Dasida 6 months ago
He doesn't respond well to questions.
Akimi 6 months ago
Well that takes me back, GL. :-)
Kemi 5 months ago
Don't follow me, follow Jesus.
Groktilar 5 months ago
The demon that you worship. Yup.
Kagataur 5 months ago
Watch Fox News Live Here:
Gardamuro 4 months ago
And you are a French model too.
Zulugis 4 months ago
Easy to win, really?......
Kajill 4 months ago
Cheaters suck. 'nuff said
Vunos 4 months ago
If not legally married kissing and romancing is unGodly
Manris 4 months ago
do you still have discussions with your former com-padres?

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