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Spanner catches and releases he is just putting that one back.:-)))

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Akirg 8 months ago
To hell with you and your smarmy condescension.
Kagamuro 8 months ago
The point is, it HAPPENS NATURALLY.
Nibar 8 months ago
Even more reason not to go....
Zolohn 8 months ago
Sadly it wasn?t that interesting, just spam.
Yojinn 8 months ago
???????? and a pillow !
Kajikree 7 months ago
At the moment I'll have to say AnTHORnia.
Taugar 7 months ago
Artificial. Not spontaneous. No new species.
Tygolkis 7 months ago
Comes up now? hmm
Nera 7 months ago
Would the world exist without people...?
Malalkree 7 months ago
Ohhh. LoL can we practice instead?
Yozshugul 7 months ago
Since Atheism is a leading factor in abortion,
Tacage 6 months ago
We're in sync! ;)
Goltirn 6 months ago
re: So infertile couples are immoral?
Kazrajar 6 months ago
apparently you hear audible voices of your god then
Vulrajas 6 months ago
sexy yam.... close enough?
Daizuru 6 months ago
That Lil boy jus ain't even knoooo
Dounos 5 months ago
My cats demand worship as gods.
Munris 5 months ago
Correct, its a continuum.
Arashizuru 5 months ago
Underground is a fairly bootless place.
Akidal 5 months ago
We didn't even get raises this year.
Femuro 5 months ago
Right. But this does not target illegals or fraud
Voodoosho 4 months ago
And then as Adult they will be Just Good.
Tygojin 4 months ago
Are you intentionally ignorant of HISTORY?
Brajind 4 months ago
A very nice looking family there.
Shaktizuru 4 months ago
Jay......Have you read that? Or just heard of it?

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