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Cause all the trouble you want as long as you will...

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Mora 8 months ago
Religious tracts are like that.
Sashakar 8 months ago
Like judging snow white. A foolish concept.
Togul 8 months ago
Did Jesus Never Address Homosexuality?
Kazraran 7 months ago
Thanks, I will look into it
Shakagul 7 months ago
Perhaps some in the mid west are wising up??!
Goltigami 7 months ago
Lovely Rita sweating by the liter ....
Maular 7 months ago
Eurotrip is what I saw her in.
Brazragore 7 months ago
Are you hard of reading?
Vocage 7 months ago
I didn't go to bed till 2:40
Kagaktilar 6 months ago
Do you know who El of Yahweh is?
Tora 6 months ago
David Duke and Louis Farrakhan agree...
Fenrisho 6 months ago
But you would not be locked up.
Shakalkree 6 months ago
Makes me puke. Fuccking Pigs
Torg 6 months ago
This guy is "pitching a tent" ( stiffy )
Mezisar 5 months ago
Tastes like chicken? ?
Goltisida 5 months ago
Mean spirited billboards? Have any examples?
Mekazahn 5 months ago
Sorry, I was mislead by the movies "Blade"...
Nesho 5 months ago
The Guardian. How nice. I am sure CNN agrees.
Gronos 5 months ago
Then he isn't powerful.
Turan 5 months ago
We did great until we played against OJ Simpson.
Gulkree 5 months ago
How many germans were killed?
Tauramar 4 months ago
Not sadly, happily ??
Bagor 4 months ago
Like Aiakos or Aithlios you mean :)
Zulkik 4 months ago
Do we all get participation trophies?
Didal 4 months ago
Nope. False Equivalency Fallacy.
Maugore 4 months ago
Proud of you :)
Akisar 3 months ago
"Free speech" doesn't apply to private companies.

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