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726 13:408 months ago

Wow. Interesting. Lots to think about in terms of the animus that so many higher-ups in the intelligence community have for President Trump!

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Malara 8 months ago
Only if it needed it.
Mile 8 months ago
I didn't fall for anything...Russian, English...
Niran 8 months ago
...and a beautiful redheaded misic teacher.
Arashidal 8 months ago
A big mug- sized. ??
Shahn 7 months ago
Religious and theoretical, mostly.
Vijind 7 months ago stupid 2 new heights
Melar 7 months ago
A naughty woman, sure. But a bad woman, no.
Dam 7 months ago
Them jeans are happy.
Kekora 7 months ago
I don't doubt he is one of them.
Vujinn 7 months ago
This is why we need to boycott professional sports.
Met 7 months ago
Beaner Lives Matter too.
Zolok 6 months ago
It?s in your best interests?
Faegis 6 months ago
SK...if that's your REEL NAME, you PINKO PROVOCATEUR.
Daizshura 6 months ago
Nothing as stupid as a drunken fool.
Voodoojas 6 months ago
Buttons like an organ!!??????????
Nikinos 6 months ago
Nothing personal, but are you logically deficient?
Kile 6 months ago
I?m not a Liberal.
Taut 6 months ago
Undermines ?democratic media?? LOL
Dorn 6 months ago
I don?t accept arbitrary rules, like you.
Brarr 6 months ago
I like these riffs on The Martian as well...
Yokinos 5 months ago
Except ratings! ???? ????
Goltigul 5 months ago
I asked you where the Constitution mentions the creator.
Kamuro 5 months ago
But can't the deity be yourself?
Zolodal 4 months ago
If there's objections we can have a troll trial.
Zulkidal 4 months ago
Not yet, but hopefully.
Mazukree 4 months ago
That's because it is!
Daigal 4 months ago
Well, he did create more jobs than trump.

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