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355 09:0310 months ago

There is no credible research which shows that the welfare of children is diminished by same-sex parenting.

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Tojakora 10 months ago
ya had:P No i got stuck in work
Duhn 10 months ago
You haven't read it so how would you know?
Gugore 9 months ago
Saudi Arabia is a monarchy that recognizes Islamic laws.
Golkis 9 months ago
Damn without any rest ..
Gagul 9 months ago
The wall protects the most vulnerable.
Net 9 months ago
You are in trouble I saw that.
Gardahn 9 months ago
You come here to study and learn about religion?
Merr 9 months ago
I took a quote from your comment.
Brakinos 9 months ago
As always, very interesting!!!!
Tojacage 9 months ago
Ah, got you. :)
Akill 8 months ago
It is a fable.
Gardamuro 8 months ago
Your parents said the same thing, huh?
Vudogor 8 months ago
Happy Birthday Steven M!!!
Vutaur 8 months ago
yeah, it was sarcasm
Mezinris 7 months ago
All these words I don't just say
Zusho 7 months ago
Yikes! Like the person who passes with two families.
Kikinos 7 months ago
He is apparently quite scary!
Fausho 7 months ago
Awww thanks Deb?????? You too
Digis 7 months ago
Length and distance are the same thing.
Kigarn 6 months ago
Pfft and Pfft. Just more of your usual bullshit.
Zulkiramar 6 months ago
"mankind created all word"
Arashim 6 months ago
There's a lot of it about!
Aradal 6 months ago
John says. I don't buy it.
Tygonris 6 months ago
There's more crunch to carrots.
Nikozshura 6 months ago
Who said that theory?
Goltijora 5 months ago
Who is that ugly woman?
Sakree 5 months ago
Ya sure you do.
Voodooramar 5 months ago
Could you list all the promises kept?
Mugis 5 months ago
Could not agree more.

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