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Someone who?s in to me as much as I?m into them. When the scale is off one way or the other, what ever attraction one may have for the other fades fastidiously. That?s been my experience anyhoos. Gotta have total mutual crazy attraction. The kind that makes you think a lifetime financial investment is secure and it should be memorialized by an Elvis impersonator in Las Vegas. ????????????

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Tojagore 8 months ago
So your deity isn't self-evident?
Shasida 8 months ago
I have no flipping idea.
Nar 8 months ago
Please give a link.
Gutaxe 8 months ago
Was it solar or lunar? Firing his eyes.
Kigakree 8 months ago
Then don't respond to it.
Gardajinn 8 months ago
"It's NOT like he KILLED anybody"????
Fehn 7 months ago
You are just pulling my leg!
Vobei 7 months ago
See what I mean? Lol
Tenos 7 months ago
Trump loves the communists. He is Putins bitch.
Zulkiran 7 months ago
Lol, a sarcastic comment about sarcasm.
Tygocage 6 months ago
"Trump has reversed that nonsense"
Kim 6 months ago
To protect Kayla's feelings?
Yozshudal 6 months ago
just have good memories and love
Samubar 6 months ago
Are you impossible to understand??
Meztizuru 5 months ago
looks like im late,,,,,,C for Contact!
Tojalar 5 months ago
It takes the recipient to believe.thats my point.
Arataur 5 months ago
Done this before some month ago ????
Tuzshura 5 months ago
Don?t forget to tip your waitress lol
Meztirisar 5 months ago
"Borrow and spend" Republicans.
Faejin 5 months ago
Slop in the controller. It was made in China.
Zulkim 5 months ago
Start over or is it done?
Akinojar 4 months ago
I s'pose it's a different line.
Kazilkis 4 months ago
You want me to make assumptions?
Torn 4 months ago
Makes total since, your a wise man brother.

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