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210 06:346 months ago

Because I've never gone without coloring it. I've colored my hair and took birth control pills since I was 12 years old!...Didn't need either one at the time but I guess it made me feel grown up, lmao!

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Mezimi 6 months ago
What a perfect family!
Taugis 5 months ago
Lol thank you. It was fun while it lasted.
Faejind 5 months ago
I think I have comment stuck.
Zulugor 5 months ago
Its still there and still in fact red.
Groktilar 5 months ago
You can't even control yourself.
Yozshukree 4 months ago
I - I - I dunno what to say.
Visar 4 months ago
You can't hardwire the ineffable.
Fenrikus 4 months ago
I bought liquor at 18.
Groramar 4 months ago
You are always invited to lunch!
Darg 4 months ago
Where did he go? I?ve been looking for him.
Bragul 4 months ago
Been there done that reading
Voodookree 3 months ago
Reply all you like.
Sharisar 3 months ago
I live I Florida
Muzragore 3 months ago
thank you. they look similar.
Fausar 3 months ago
Buh, you have hit the bulls eye.
Makree 2 months ago
They had an episode of SVU about that.
Samugor 2 months ago
It appears to have been published yesterday, August 9th.
Baktilar 2 months ago
What medical journal did you read this in?
Mutaur 2 months ago
because their violent delights have violent ends
Faegrel 2 months ago
why were you TOO EMBARRASSED to post the link?
Mazutaxe 2 months ago
To the idea of abortion, yes. It's entirely irrelevant.

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