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I am addressing your comment directly, not the OP's comment

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Gronris 7 months ago
Yes my love I know that-----
Maushicage 6 months ago
Apart from who is new or old?:P
Nigul 6 months ago
Oops! How'd that go for you??
Shaktimi 6 months ago
That doesn't make him nicer.
Meztigore 6 months ago
Hola! Gracias por ensenarme. Apreciado!!
Natilar 6 months ago
Obviously that is what God is all about.
Taugul 6 months ago
?Do you have a more convincing hypothesis??
Kajirisar 6 months ago
How about receiving masturbation from your wife?
Nemuro 5 months ago
I defend the odd Muslim.
Brakinos 5 months ago
I suspect my sarcasm was lost in translation.
Gugami 5 months ago
She's a big fan of Pikachu
Tojanris 5 months ago
You can't prove a god through maths though.
Zugore 4 months ago
is this good or bad?
Brabar 4 months ago
No. Your body came from your parents (pair rents).
Shaktigar 4 months ago
Everything between both covers.
Malalmaran 4 months ago
Nothing to do with restoration. You've lied again.
Kakus 4 months ago
And, why did you leave out the following verse:
Mamuro 4 months ago
It wasn't prophetic in the slightest.
Shakamuro 3 months ago
Pretty much every article on their site..
Vizilkree 3 months ago
What's the best evidence you have?
Tojaramar 3 months ago
You get a participation award in gun safety.
Goramar 3 months ago
You make me like you more and more.
Kagul 3 months ago
I can understand your perspective.
Zulkilar 3 months ago
Owwwwwwwwwwmen. Your pretty cool
Faegar 2 months ago
Yet you have no response for Paul? Interesting.
Shagor 2 months ago
Yes. That's why I made my statement.
Dojar 2 months ago
We cuddle together and fall asleep.
Kagasar 2 months ago
What is the point to this really?

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