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20 05:558 months ago

I'm going to try to post my reply again here or maybe I can start a topic on Jeong's book (?) at B & I? I'm not sure why the moderator removed my reply.

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Guk 8 months ago
Congress is there to impeach people like this judge
Doujora 8 months ago
She'll introduce Sharia Law and make Christians obey it.
Daiktilar 8 months ago
So there's no union involved?
Samuzshura 8 months ago
Because the crazies seem to be gaining real momentum.
Zululmaran 7 months ago
The wealthy, want to keep people down. Can't be......
Toramar 7 months ago
You need to run for office.
Dakree 7 months ago
Fake Headline. Real story here:
Kajilabar 7 months ago
That is not at all what I said.
Yozshulmaran 7 months ago
Jerk all their security clearances.
Mogrel 7 months ago
luv the pvssi hat dinosaur...
Moogurisar 7 months ago
Emergent, that's the word I was looking for, thanks.
Samukora 7 months ago
Damn. My secret is out.
Saktilar 6 months ago
It is great for the corporate stock option holders.
Akizuru 6 months ago
I like to multitask
Golkis 6 months ago
No one else is either.
Mezijinn 6 months ago
You made my point, once again.
Nijora 6 months ago
That seems a reasonable position.
Dakinos 6 months ago
No wait, 1300, that's it (we did it) ??
Kera 5 months ago
Check my phone, social media etc.
Mazugis 5 months ago
you need a dictionary.
Akirn 5 months ago
I'm sorry. Equating theologians with physicists is preposterous..
Nabar 5 months ago
I think this was my Number 1 FG moment.
Kigazragore 5 months ago
An old, lesbian couple. Yes, a major minority.
Voodookinos 4 months ago
I DID....stick YOU!
Meztiramar 4 months ago
Which head are you referring to?
Nekus 4 months ago
The hell are you talking about?
Muk 4 months ago
Yes I totally agree !!

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