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You don't have to submit to anything except common human decency in respecting other people's bodily autonomy. I guess that's too much to ask of you.

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Vushakar 10 months ago
I am still here and in pretty good health
Jugrel 10 months ago
The cheap way to end discussion.
Tolkree 10 months ago
Just call me a pom
Shakticage 10 months ago
What will god do to resolve this ? :)
Kelmaran 10 months ago
Of course. But Disqus can't have any. It's diabetic.
Nikolkree 9 months ago
?It requires a great deal of faith to believe...?
Kesho 9 months ago
"then why would you believe everything science says?"
Fauzshura 9 months ago
And tatooed for some reason.
Mit 9 months ago
I got Consul (ESFJ-A). This was a long quiz.
Brakasa 9 months ago
My beautiful lucky charm!!
Maugar 8 months ago
This is pantheism rather than monotheism.
Najar 8 months ago
Do you agree with this?
Mezirn 8 months ago
We have not established the universe is created.
Bajin 8 months ago
I'm aware of those beliefs, yes. Still just guesswork.
Galabar 8 months ago
Like adurian stringed or pinokio
Zololmaran 7 months ago
Perhaps. Actually, a little vodka is better.
Faeshura 7 months ago
yes....this site is full fun place
Megrel 7 months ago
Fcking high. What do you mean?
Doushura 7 months ago
That?s one of my favorite gifs.
Brall 6 months ago
There's a funny coincidence!
Nesho 6 months ago
"Not really if we are cutting illegal immigrants out."
Vim 6 months ago
Socialism brings the vultures, thats for sure!
Mim 6 months ago
Wrong, and intellectually lazy. Try harder.
Vudogal 6 months ago
Another lecture in physics. Read slowly.
Tusho 5 months ago
This was a cute turn of event ??
Samumi 5 months ago
Based upon your idea about mathematics
Tushakar 5 months ago
Oh, don't worry. I'm about to do just that.
Aragul 5 months ago
Run along inbred coward.
Akinora 5 months ago
Your argument is built on a false assertion:

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