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314 12:076 months ago

Custer should have had better intel did he get his from James Clapper?

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Yocage 6 months ago
Are you a pixel expert?
Zulugore 6 months ago
Mod comment: None of this.
Masho 6 months ago
Haha. I got MM's result. Good Quiz.
Malataur 6 months ago
You don't even understand my point.
Gogor 6 months ago
Would you rather never wake up?
Fenrisida 5 months ago
Replied the killary losing leftist!!
Mezigul 5 months ago
It makes it a trend instead of an absolute.
Gotaxe 5 months ago
forgot the link my bad.
Kagagami 5 months ago
Define moderate version of Islam
Tujas 5 months ago
Samutilar 5 months ago
for the purposes of this discussion..sure...with that caveat
Arashizuru 4 months ago
So how do you interpret that scripture?
Mazusar 4 months ago
I shall...I'll even jazz it up
Mezilkree 4 months ago
Nails aren?t any good without a riot
Migrel 4 months ago
Wait,are you not in Nigeria?
Faurg 4 months ago
he was slurring his words in Tuesday's speech.
Tazuru 4 months ago
sad that you haven't a clue.
Barr 3 months ago
I'm not surprised. It's what they do.
Salabar 3 months ago
That Jesus joke. Damn son.
Mikazuru 3 months ago
They were talking about the sanctions and Iran.
Maushura 3 months ago
"You were asked to give her out..."

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