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314 12:0711 months ago

Custer should have had better intel did he get his from James Clapper?

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Yocage 11 months ago
Are you a pixel expert?
Zulugore 10 months ago
Mod comment: None of this.
Masho 10 months ago
Haha. I got MM's result. Good Quiz.
Malataur 10 months ago
You don't even understand my point.
Gogor 10 months ago
Would you rather never wake up?
Fenrisida 10 months ago
Replied the killary losing leftist!!
Mezigul 9 months ago
It makes it a trend instead of an absolute.
Gotaxe 9 months ago
forgot the link my bad.
Kagagami 9 months ago
Define moderate version of Islam
Tujas 9 months ago
Samutilar 9 months ago
for the purposes of this discussion..sure...with that caveat
Arashizuru 9 months ago
So how do you interpret that scripture?
Mazusar 8 months ago
I shall...I'll even jazz it up
Mezilkree 8 months ago
Nails aren?t any good without a riot
Migrel 8 months ago
Wait,are you not in Nigeria?
Faurg 8 months ago
he was slurring his words in Tuesday's speech.
Tazuru 8 months ago
sad that you haven't a clue.
Barr 8 months ago
I'm not surprised. It's what they do.
Salabar 7 months ago
That Jesus joke. Damn son.
Mikazuru 7 months ago
They were talking about the sanctions and Iran.
Maushura 7 months ago
"You were asked to give her out..."

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