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Seems history is to be denied and their slavers are to not be mentioned - the Indians were a bad bunch at times themselves - but you cannot say that in Canada - for canadians are afraid to offend any who are not white - even if that offense is caused by speaking truth.

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Malatilar 9 months ago
I'm sorry is he your man?
Shakakus 9 months ago
What did he ?sell? to Russia?
Jurr 9 months ago
It affirms that reality is objective, reliable, rational.
Gardakree 9 months ago
That doesn't answer my question.
Mehn 9 months ago
Paranioa the destroyer .
Zusida 9 months ago
through the same stories
Vijar 9 months ago
Benghazi! Uranium One. Comet Pizza!
Shasar 9 months ago
Again, not pissed off.
Tygokus 8 months ago
You know that's coming.
Fenritaxe 8 months ago
There is nothing preventing brawn from also having brains.
Goltilkree 8 months ago
They got the "imminent demise" part right.
Vuzahn 8 months ago
God in physical form.
Malabar 7 months ago
I didn't think it was that hot in Wakanda.
Nikole 7 months ago
Haha why thank you :)
Nara 7 months ago
Sober it serms also????
Akinoran 7 months ago
Maybe he make his case.
Nadal 7 months ago
We have the popcorn but not the mental hospitals.
Akile 7 months ago
We need to move faster.
Daigrel 7 months ago
I have to admit i missed the alleged jape.
Mazutilar 7 months ago
Fake news is as old as mankind
Daigore 6 months ago
True. Not in Missouri unfortunately.

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