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How many protests did they have during the off season?

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Kagagrel 11 months ago
The god of the bible has precisely one child.
Bashicage 11 months ago
Den think about me..
Tygojar 11 months ago
this is nothing but ignorant bigotry.
Toll 10 months ago
god is seeing this post rn
Bazuru 10 months ago
Service dog get in the way ?
Damuro 10 months ago
So it's official: you're voting for the NDP woman.
Yomuro 10 months ago
What's stopping these intermediates from forming? What's the barrier?
Guzuru 10 months ago
Well that is another theory?
Kern 10 months ago
Why couldn't he chase her down? She's 11.
Kazijora 9 months ago
Maybe you, but not I!
Shabar 9 months ago
don;t know but it looks like a scary movie
Vuzragore 9 months ago
Do you know them now?
Malkree 9 months ago
A good one no.
Tuzilkree 9 months ago
- What about the fact that
JoJogami 8 months ago
You assume far too much
Zologrel 8 months ago
The mental disorder looking at itself.
Kazigul 8 months ago
I understand, believe me i understand.
Vukazahn 8 months ago
Who is in the mood for "Canasta"?
Batilar 7 months ago
It's barely half way through
Nebei 7 months ago
Yes it can !
Gardashakar 7 months ago
Good to see ya Patrick.
Tataxe 7 months ago
Again impossible to tag the printing materials.
Arashisar 7 months ago
You know not what you speak of.
Fenrik 7 months ago
People love President Putin.
Arashill 7 months ago
And making baseless claims is even simpler than that.
Kazijin 6 months ago
Ever heard of the blue wave?
Daitaur 6 months ago
Mad pika... yep. He looked mad ??
Nikotilar 6 months ago
Then post the evidence that supports that claim.
Migul 6 months ago
Where did you dig that up Boss?

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