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231 08:0010 months ago

I feel like driving up there and pissing on their lawn.

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Tojin 10 months ago
Oh. I see. lol
Tygozuru 10 months ago
"... historical totalitarian regimes,"
Tygokasa 9 months ago
Or the Brampton & Vancouver regions.
Gar 9 months ago
Then reject socialism which creates and sustains that situation.
Tuzuru 9 months ago
Is that so bad?
Mazil 9 months ago
You're welcome. Hugs((Dittodog)) Stay safe.
Sakora 9 months ago
Yep, one is imaginary and one isn?t.
Tekora 9 months ago
He needs to review this..... nevermind. That's another thread
Mikara 8 months ago
Not a lemon party?
Grogis 8 months ago
no matter how you slice it.
Vojora 8 months ago
lol lovely ....looks funky
Dolabar 8 months ago
Kajijinn 8 months ago
Ha ha I like it ??
Mur 8 months ago
Thanks RedDog - great pic!
Doucage 7 months ago
Once more read your bible, the sin was inhospitality
Goltisar 7 months ago
cute, but everyone knows they're full of sh*t.
Dait 7 months ago
Are you silly? ??????
Jubei 7 months ago
Lol, I love your fake hysteria.
Kegor 7 months ago
Yes yes I need a hint
Samusida 7 months ago
...or you can refuse to answer my questions.
Dilabar 7 months ago
And yet I've not said that.
Mikazshura 7 months ago
republicans HAVE the majority right now----did you know?
Dousida 6 months ago
And 'deductive reasoning isn't indicative of truth', right?
Shaktigore 6 months ago
How much are you going to bet?
Daim 6 months ago
Thank you for your civil response.
Yojora 6 months ago
I'm curious what a generic book of faith is.

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