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If there is more sex, there will likely be more STI's (we changed it from 'disease to 'infection because they're two different things). But I do think that rationale is little more than a justification to exert control over women, especially young women.

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Megal 7 months ago
Then what was Christ for?
Shanris 6 months ago
Oh? Here's the notion you advanced:
Molkree 6 months ago
gotta be a mob movie
Vukora 6 months ago
The one that you created in your head.
Zucage 6 months ago
See! See what I mean! Lol
Mishakar 6 months ago
Try again in English, Komrade
Mirr 5 months ago
Is medicine an exact science?
Malasar 5 months ago
You gotta love somewhere.
Zolokus 5 months ago
you will be find then
Gugami 5 months ago
Weird that he does demand stuff.
Arashitaur 5 months ago
"That's because he is afraid of the truth."
Fenrira 5 months ago
I am waiting for BLM to start protesting.
Zulkikinos 4 months ago
Lack of something is a positive claim?

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