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778 20:2711 months ago

If,But, should, should have, could have, maybe, ...... is this what you post when you don't have a point ?

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Shataxe 10 months ago
That's SUPER TRUMPIE to you killary crybaby.
Zolokazahn 10 months ago
Nope, the planes of cash have stopped arriving...
Shazuru 10 months ago
No idea at all what TFCC
Akirr 10 months ago
Anxiety is real serious problem for me
Shakatilar 9 months ago
Apparently you're an expert.
Meziran 9 months ago
I'm not "demanding" anything.
Dainos 9 months ago
Pearls and swine. I know the verse well.
Julkree 9 months ago
Not that shocking ....
Jum 9 months ago
How charming of you to notice.
Gugul 8 months ago
Strike First Strike Hard No Mercy SIR
Goltizuru 8 months ago
Jesus loved everyone, even the lepers.
Aralmaran 8 months ago
They are very sweet looking
Vikazahn 8 months ago
Look up "Tampa Bay Times."
Gushicage 8 months ago
No worries! No need to be sorry :)
Samuran 8 months ago
You're Catholic, then, Nigel?

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