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767 12:067 months ago

If those are the real numbers we could build five walls and come out ahead. I hope Trump does hold congresses feet to the fire and shuts down the government if they don't change the law and pay for the whole wall.

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Tusar 7 months ago
This is pantheism rather than monotheism.
Dukinos 7 months ago
He sure did. The guy had balls
Fenris 7 months ago
Yeah, I'm shaking in my boots here.
Tull 7 months ago
I didn't know that.
Maugami 7 months ago
It wasn't prophetic in the slightest.
Maushakar 6 months ago
Read the Declaration. That is our sublime heritage.
Meztiran 6 months ago
Wonder about the smell.
Zule 6 months ago
Liar, now refute what I posted coward
Maukasa 6 months ago
Shepherd missing & sheep are playing follow the leader!
Brashakar 6 months ago
Again impossible to tag the printing materials.
Grosida 5 months ago
No, they don?t. Not possible.
Shaktiran 5 months ago
And what better to pass those cold nights!

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