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636 07:228 months ago

Social media platforms are entirely free to decide what content is acceptable or unacceptable. They are privately owned entities that have total authority to determine what content is acceptable.

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Dakree 7 months ago
Don't forget the free pony.
Fegor 7 months ago
I'll leave that to Cool Story
Maurg 7 months ago
Like what? Tell me.
Gasar 7 months ago
That's tough to do when you have no peers.
Mikalar 6 months ago
Well, it finally happened.....
Fecage 6 months ago
They do and then they don't
Kazrabar 6 months ago
It was a tongue-in-cheek comment. See the wink?
Meztinos 6 months ago
That's because of you, Vaseline Boy.
Fauzahn 6 months ago
Thank you Greg! :)
Mikar 5 months ago
That's why I said how YOU protest.
Kazishakar 5 months ago
Hate to burst your bubble, Ron.
Sazahn 5 months ago
And the other side is wrong. So there.
JoJoktilar 5 months ago
Hope you do sometime soon
Mooguzuru 5 months ago
Yup, along with millions of others.
Kajishicage 4 months ago
Once posted...I may be offline for a brief moment.
Tojagar 4 months ago
This argument is full of holes.
Tygojin 4 months ago
Nonsense is never beneficial.
Mami 4 months ago
So how about they levy 5000% tariffs then?
Mazut 4 months ago
That is a good question that has multiple answers.

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