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Then you support Trump for telling the truth rudely and in your face?

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Faejinn 8 months ago
I'd say I hit the target. Bullseye.
Mezigami 8 months ago
You must be doing something right!
Volmaran 8 months ago
10 hours? Porn isn't that entertaining.
Grodal 8 months ago
Yes, I have two shoes, and they both fit.
Tojas 8 months ago
Why is contraception wrong? No.
Aralabar 8 months ago
Those are some bright ideas.
Got 7 months ago
Look but don?t touch?
Kazrazshura 7 months ago
See, you have the perfect imagination for it....:-)
Gosar 7 months ago
A wild village atheist appears? See religious NGO's.
Mazugal 7 months ago
like pizza and ice cream!
Mak 7 months ago
Young fool. His frontal lobe not fully developed.
Mikajind 7 months ago
lol yeah it is ??
Fenrirn 6 months ago
I think it's more about multiple dancing
Dishicage 6 months ago
Well yes but obviously it?s more than that
Kajitaur 6 months ago
Try these 3 questions:
Vucage 6 months ago
That is exactly what GREEN DAY sang about.
Goltishicage 6 months ago
Illegal Immigrants Commit 142 Percent More Crime Than ...
Batilar 5 months ago
The poor fellow just wants peace! (Would
Zuran 5 months ago
wow!. Now it's personal, down to ego?
Nikorisar 5 months ago
She has a tablet
Arashimi 5 months ago
Sweet zombie jesus! AA is from Florida?
Kazrarisar 5 months ago
Which solidifies gods rep as a dick.
Brazahn 5 months ago
Yes you got it :)
Mosar 4 months ago
There is only one True Creator,
Kazrakree 4 months ago
Authorizes rape and incest?
Mezigore 4 months ago
*shrugs* Too much drama for me. LOLOL!!!
Arajind 4 months ago
Of course they contradict each other.

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