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Are you OK with Mormons marrying 9 year old girls?

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Shakashakar 10 months ago
Ha Ha, I'm too fickle!
Vomuro 9 months ago
Thats what I even I think he is.
Akishakar 9 months ago
No. You've made a legal distinction.
Vudojas 9 months ago
Those are stunning! I love it
Zurn 9 months ago
Billy Crystal Miracle Max in
Salmaran 9 months ago
Only if you don?t aim properly... kiiiiiiddiiiinnnng!
Kazrahn 8 months ago
Well, there is that.
Kalkis 8 months ago or no deal! lol
Zulkir 8 months ago
LOL, thank you for your sympathy...
Fenrizahn 8 months ago
I know right? Here is their modus operandi:
Tojora 8 months ago
Okay? Where did I claim otherwise? I'll wait.
Bragal 8 months ago
Thats quite a force right?
Vimuro 8 months ago
That is one flaming fugly couple
Akijinn 7 months ago
Yes he is soooooo kick ass!!
Sagami 7 months ago
Two Face, my best friends favorite Batman Villain
Masar 7 months ago
It is living tissue. Not a life.
Moogusar 7 months ago
Do you have any numbers to back that up?
Bagal 7 months ago
So it is what I thought it was.
Didal 7 months ago
Do you believe it?
Daik 6 months ago
Carry on and enjoy.
Kigar 6 months ago
Seriously? You need examples to contemporary politics?
Akigul 6 months ago
Walking the tightrope ?
Vikora 6 months ago
HhhahaH one-punch man anime rocks ????
Tygojas 6 months ago
Can you demonstrate your claim with evidence?
Vudokora 6 months ago
That's a cave to never go spelunking in..........
Gakus 6 months ago
Positively a limbo dancer.

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