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142 07:4310 months ago

What I'm asking for makes senses for literally every other tangible topic in the world. To expect different rules are applied to religion is quite close to the definition of insanity. To claim 'well, everything works in accordance to science, except this one thing I believe to be true but can't actually prove', how could any rational mind accept that?

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Terg 10 months ago
I thought finger painting was more your thing.
Mauhn 10 months ago
I guess that means no.
Zulkigore 10 months ago
If Obama had a mug shot............................
Misho 10 months ago
T'ank de Lawd for dat, Sir Tainley.
Morn 9 months ago
Now I can have their toolset and their tv.
Vudotaxe 9 months ago
Party (Trumpublicans) over country. It's as simple as that.
Dorn 9 months ago
Lol happy Friday to you Steve!!
Malataxe 9 months ago
Awesome. I will get lots of Kisses daily. ????
Nikozahn 9 months ago
LOL! Very clever Master Shake! ????
Vigar 8 months ago
You are so rude. Feeling defensive?
Kagataur 8 months ago
can you do so??

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