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55 12:4610 months ago

My mother who is handicapped purchased a vehicle based on her ability to get into it and out of it unassisted. I would have to pick her up to get her into my full size conversion van or my truck and lift her out of my wife's low slung car. Going to Home Depot and seeing all of those jacked up trucks and SUV's with placards just makes me wonder about the qualifications for them.

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Musho 10 months ago
Looks like he's flying backwards lol.
Kigalkis 10 months ago
why am i working???
JoJozilkree 9 months ago
YAY another BP lover! :D
Kinris 9 months ago
Be careful I might eat you.
Nekree 9 months ago
No, you answer mine, you dishonest piece of trash!
Mazuzuru 9 months ago
I think it's gone...
Marn 9 months ago
I would be, but I already it was her.
Dukus 8 months ago
Not absurd. Just reality.
Malashicage 8 months ago
The tip was given, good luck!
Mall 8 months ago
Ahahaha!! If you must know, a summer dress. ;P
Kataxe 8 months ago
that's the way to do it. :)
Kazragis 8 months ago
Jesus forbade forced redistribution.
Vut 7 months ago
I?m glad you liked it. :)
Shakree 7 months ago
Men were ink pens in God's hand.
Fekasa 7 months ago
Morality is subjective. It says
Gardanos 7 months ago
Science means constant discovery and change and so
Nikolkis 7 months ago
Pet Shop Boys d It's A Sin d
Kazigore 6 months ago
I know 21 yr olds that shouldn?t drink.
Akinozuru 6 months ago
Better tell the worlds scientists.
Kagamuro 6 months ago
We need more lyrics young lady
Digar 6 months ago
You keep thinking that.
Akidal 6 months ago
What were you thinking? I'd ask of K Marx
Faekora 6 months ago
XD Tada Spider man and wolf....Spider-Wolf XD
Mauramar 6 months ago
Okay, how about God is Infinite?
Zululkis 6 months ago
He is trying to disqualify people seeking legal immigration.
Dabei 5 months ago
Leviticus 18 & 20

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