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Yes, The Devil's Dictionary. No, it isn't a novel-and this is not about maidens and marriage.

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Shazil 10 months ago
683 posts in 12 days.
Akilkree 10 months ago
Nobody should suspend rational thought for a belief.
Meztizshura 10 months ago
You did a worse job at destroying.
Gardazragore 10 months ago
I wanna scream rn
Fesho 10 months ago
Where did you get your degree in climate bellyaching?
Kigabar 9 months ago
Y would I do so....
Mikasa 9 months ago
Ok MM i'll back off
Junris 9 months ago
My relief is here!
Faujas 9 months ago
Imagine that...Christians using deception. (snark)
Shaktizahn 9 months ago
?? I don't know this one...
Zulukus 9 months ago
Walk through a church graveyard in and Canadian town.
Turisar 8 months ago
You aren't the only one!
Kagazil 8 months ago
Don't be so jejune.
Gohn 8 months ago
Yes. That's why I made my statement.
Milar 8 months ago
except the swamp is getting deeper:
Nilkis 8 months ago
Thanks for allowing me to clarify. :)
Meztitilar 7 months ago
Hey! I had a foot in both lines!
Moshura 7 months ago
I'm not sure what your point even is.
Mami 7 months ago
dick caught in your zipper again eh?
Vonris 7 months ago
You never started one. You just spewed BS.
JoJogami 6 months ago
So then you are a deist.
Shaktiran 6 months ago
Young, intelligent, multicultural voters are these dinosaurs worst nightmare.
Shakale 6 months ago
I dont need to question that.
Dat 6 months ago
Dr Zoidberg recommends this cream.
Kazrami 6 months ago
Like God, Jesus and Angels.
Turr 6 months ago
Endless empty debate, probably, lol.
Taran 6 months ago
From Russia with love?
Mezticage 6 months ago
#24 is pretty funny.
Yokazahn 5 months ago
With facts. Facts always rebut fantasy.

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