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This to me was always evidence the Christian god did not heal.

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Jurr 9 months ago
Democratic Socialists... not the same thing as socialists.
Yora 9 months ago
True.But you haven't established the following:
Zoloktilar 9 months ago
What's the debate about.all these centuries? Circumstantial suggests truth.
Zugal 8 months ago
And thanks! God bless you too
Grogal 8 months ago
Willow was my favorite of the three
Meztim 8 months ago
I never said he did.
Mogrel 8 months ago
Fascinating? You said it.
Grokazahn 7 months ago
salsa and eggs are a great combo!
Dikus 7 months ago
I don't believe you're one either.
Tuzshura 7 months ago
Oh... the hypocrisy is thick on this issue...
Brarisar 7 months ago
Abolitionists and slavers both.
Kehn 6 months ago
Is he a true Muslim?
Volabar 6 months ago
Good God, the world can't handle two USAs
Kazragul 6 months ago
Wow! definitely not ikea.
Kigabei 6 months ago
And soundtrack to that is...
Dailmaran 6 months ago
I am sorry to upset you
Mezitilar 6 months ago
You yelled at me
Akinolabar 5 months ago
Yeah... James Fields was antifa. Sure.
Shakar 5 months ago
Well they're good thoughts.
Fenrigrel 5 months ago
D Big smile. I'd agree!
Fauzil 5 months ago
MARK CUBAN: (8/1/16) It?s a landslide for
Tojara 5 months ago
What did you say about Islam?
Kihn 4 months ago
maybe the idiots will vote for them instead.
Grogor 4 months ago
"Shades" of Seth Rich?

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