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So what's your point. The difference between is that Iran is using the money against us. They are funding our enemies and have threatened to nuke us and destroy our allies. From what I understand about Saudi Arabia the current leader has cleaned house and is no longer as corrupt as the others were.

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Faelkree 10 months ago
No, miracles are a synonym for miracles.
Kajikus 10 months ago
This is about enforcement of rules.
Dolrajas 10 months ago
Lol my big ass bottom lip ????????????????
Nikohn 10 months ago
Berkeley Police has named some of the terrorists
Jukus 9 months ago
Humans submitting to a very defined set of rules.
Shaktirisar 9 months ago
They both do that.
Dizuru 9 months ago
So,god wants you to insult me?
Fauzshura 9 months ago
How about acting like a moderator and explaining how?
Shakagor 8 months ago
That's pretty cool that we did.
Gronris 8 months ago
When we hit that harmony just right, it's glorious!
Fenrirr 8 months ago
John says it was still dark outside
Tular 8 months ago
I did. ? ? ?
Samumi 8 months ago
A young show off is all.
Tojalkree 7 months ago
You: "Veiling the true messages in the scriptures"
Gogar 7 months ago
I want barbacoa .. Hispanic style. Nacatamal too
Kazisida 7 months ago
These rights are for men. Therefore, men grant them.
Grokus 7 months ago
Which countries were surveyed?
Dikazahn 7 months ago
What is the question?
Shakalar 7 months ago
That's what Hitler said
Zuzshura 6 months ago
Is being an idiot a bad thing?'

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