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No, you want to label people without their consent. That's sexual harassment. There are plenty of laws against that, already. Get a new hobby.

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Vidal 9 months ago
So it changes the meaning somehow?
Tygoramar 9 months ago
Also, what question can my side not answer ever?
Goltizahn 8 months ago
Then you are dismissed.
Zubar 8 months ago
yup, at least for right now
JoJokus 8 months ago
Phone the cops, then.
Zulukora 8 months ago
Yes. How does that change my statement?
Kazir 8 months ago
Only when I am drying my genital region.
Zulkikinos 8 months ago
That racists are not born, but bred.
Kagatilar 7 months ago
Goes to rent wood chipper for Mrs. GL.
Malabei 7 months ago
Back at ya, bro.
Balabar 7 months ago
I'm riding the crest in Clear Lake with Avenatti!
Taunos 7 months ago
Because atheists KNOW that there is no God.
Zololkree 7 months ago
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Moogulkis 6 months ago
Hypocrisy = Dogmatic Christians
Goramar 6 months ago
I love Fred Rogers
Mazukora 6 months ago
Kind of stupid, Harvard.
Dougar 6 months ago
?? I don't know this one...
Nezragore 6 months ago
Irrelevant, since the almost could have happened never did.
Tygogis 5 months ago
Why are those people in jail at all, then?
Molrajas 5 months ago
Oh my. The bottle is beautiful!
Zukree 5 months ago
Combination of Zoey D. and Brooke V.
Kagajind 5 months ago
Let?s see........I?m going with any other one.
Doujas 4 months ago
haha yeah yeah so I am told ??
Shakagami 4 months ago
What you call minor issues are the actual problem.

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