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Why would an amputated limb grow back? That makes no sense/

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JoJorisar 8 months ago
"You clearly don't understand the situation ."
Goltirisar 7 months ago
Yep - they are desperate in the extreme.
Goltidal 7 months ago
The bibles account is scripture rather than evidence, Proverbs.
Dolrajas 7 months ago
hahaha noooooooo.. but thank you :)
Maubar 7 months ago
What should I ask you? Hmm...
Kagalabar 7 months ago
God is spirit not human.
Yotilar 6 months ago
Churches are exempt by law. No taxes are required.
Kazimuro 6 months ago
Boy would that put some libtards in orbit.
Arakazahn 6 months ago
Well, if you are still having fun ;)
Vudogar 6 months ago
Definitely Dangerous Weapons ----lol
Dizshura 6 months ago
I'm a city girl...oh well.
Nill 5 months ago
Yes. How does that change my statement?
Shaktishicage 5 months ago
Friendship Village-oh, the delicious irony!
Vojinn 5 months ago
Right on...Take care, be safe Debi
Zolorisar 5 months ago
Actually, I'm basing it on shootings.
Kigashakar 4 months ago
That must be it...
Togul 4 months ago
Can you please tell
Mazugrel 4 months ago
Ugh. That's an apologist's justification, nothing more.
Shakagrel 4 months ago
Its not that complicated.
Zunos 3 months ago
Another icon of tolerance and respect?
Feshicage 3 months ago
There is more than one meaning to see .
Taugar 3 months ago
Let the games begin!!!!!
Tauk 3 months ago
Glad you enjoyed it :)
Vudokus 3 months ago
That post alone more or less proved you're not.
Karr 3 months ago
Nope, the insurance industry is not 'production'. Nice try.
Nigrel 2 months ago
Show me a god created a universe.
Dosar 2 months ago
Understandable...gotta rep the locals ????????????
JoJotaur 2 months ago
Why would the Bible discuss the pyramids?

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