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843 11:138 months ago

So, am I right in saying you can't explain the rules only using questions?

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Meztitaxe 8 months ago
Does 'sneaky' fit better in your opinion?
Arashikinos 8 months ago
he can rescue those with no sense of humor!
Meztijinn 8 months ago
Adam Lanza did beyond any reasonable doubt.
Dorg 7 months ago
Hey Rae how are you
Arashirg 7 months ago
Lol thank you dear
Dokree 7 months ago
Thank you for your acknowledgement.
Jurisar 7 months ago
Thanks for clarifying! :-))
Brakasa 6 months ago
Do you swallow or spit?
Tujind 6 months ago
Maybe you should read some headlines !
Zolonris 6 months ago
yet you avoid posting a link for some reason.
Gozahn 6 months ago
Russia is fundamentally structured as a multi-party representative democracy?
Gutaur 6 months ago
When the beliefs begin to harm others.
Grojinn 5 months ago
How about acting like a moderator and explaining how?
Akinozahn 5 months ago
Still waiting for that proof.
Meztikasa 5 months ago
Rightie lies are not real.
Faelar 5 months ago
I forgot what goes next!!
Vudojas 5 months ago
Lots of ground to cover. 1st, "hell" isn't
Dajora 5 months ago
There's a book. Scholar from Notre Dame did it.
Duktilar 4 months ago
Hahahah that?s my boy!
Nikolkree 4 months ago
Who just asked me that question, you?
Vibei 4 months ago
I think it's time to ban this troll. ITOWCHATT
Daigrel 4 months ago
By all means, do.
Toran 4 months ago
The Edwardian era just before WW I.
Gotaur 4 months ago
It is and I explained why.
Voodooll 4 months ago
The Russians will hack it.
Zolok 3 months ago
Yeah I guess so!
Zuluzil 3 months ago
I always give you an upvote. ??
Zulut 3 months ago
Free Speech, another amendment under attack by the leftists
Kazrarr 3 months ago
It's all the federal government's fault.

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