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I will not discuss happening that you can not even provide evidence for.

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Gall 6 months ago
A Trip On The Imagination Train
Grorr 6 months ago
This is so not news.
Vukora 5 months ago
Glad I can help
Tutaur 5 months ago
Will you be naked and hungry after the trade?
Akibei 5 months ago
And yes. Edit it now. ??
Araktilar 5 months ago
Sorry AIG, etc. don't equate to mainstream, peer-reviewed science.
Vizuru 4 months ago
Sounds like another hoax.
Mezilkree 4 months ago
I like it with grilled chicken!
Dudal 4 months ago
What a hair brained idea.
Kaganos 4 months ago
That's called sorta ultra assimilating.
Mezisida 4 months ago
Which is why rational people should be boycotting them.
Mezikinos 4 months ago
It may well have been
Muzilkree 4 months ago
I lost my way again
Malasar 4 months ago
Hmm let me accept
Gumi 4 months ago
An insult, how very Christian of you.
Volkis 3 months ago
The two are not mutually exclusive, ignorant Kleopussy.
Yotaxe 3 months ago
The globalists own the companies.
Mektilar 3 months ago
activist judges are deep....
Molmaran 3 months ago
Provided you are God, of course. :)
Akinokree 2 months ago
Nothing to answer, dropout?
Dogal 2 months ago
I was thinking the same about the judge?s conduct.
Tojasida 2 months ago
you seem overly hostile. Are you OK?

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