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949 09:438 months ago

I absolutely agree with you 110%. What?s not a joke is shooting to death unarmed persons. The memo i?m talking about is common sense and trying not to put yourself in a spot. Cops need to think more.

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Domi 8 months ago
Oh man now I'm craving some KFC.
Kataur 8 months ago
How does that question address my post?
Fezshura 8 months ago
That is an arbitrary distinction, and it's specious nonsense.
Goltigrel 7 months ago
You are always welcome, Mohib Khan!
Faular 7 months ago
Yeah sorry, THIS ONE wasn't meant for you ??
Kazralkree 7 months ago
You've played this silly game with me before.
Faudal 7 months ago
I?m not your mate.
Tojagrel 6 months ago
You're not a mod anymore?
Grorr 6 months ago
No way! I asked first!
Tusar 6 months ago
Yes and they are great
Shakajind 6 months ago
They've broken no laws .
Taubar 6 months ago
Those are Christian religious rules mate.
Kegar 5 months ago
1. Atheism is against God, not against belief.
Nikorn 5 months ago
You make a good point dear !
Gomi 5 months ago
Logomachy. Waste of time.
Tygosho 5 months ago
Do you think we could keep it clean?
Dubei 4 months ago
well i live in one of those countries
Fenrilar 4 months ago
which is NOT incompatible with creation.
Goltijora 4 months ago
Part Two of The Asshole Tweets:
Togal 3 months ago
I wasn't disagreeing, just adding some color-commentary.
Faeran 3 months ago
Love is what matters. Not labels.
Manris 3 months ago
That is a nice flag
Taugul 3 months ago
Awww me too. I miss her comments. :(
Kagajas 3 months ago
Of course, your mucho fun
Yolkis 3 months ago
Guidettes don't play around. : )
Megis 2 months ago
Yes, we need to flip them.

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