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949 09:4310 months ago

I absolutely agree with you 110%. What?s not a joke is shooting to death unarmed persons. The memo i?m talking about is common sense and trying not to put yourself in a spot. Cops need to think more.

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Domi 10 months ago
Oh man now I'm craving some KFC.
Kataur 10 months ago
How does that question address my post?
Fezshura 10 months ago
That is an arbitrary distinction, and it's specious nonsense.
Goltigrel 10 months ago
You are always welcome, Mohib Khan!
Faular 9 months ago
Yeah sorry, THIS ONE wasn't meant for you ??
Kazralkree 9 months ago
You've played this silly game with me before.
Faudal 9 months ago
I?m not your mate.
Tojagrel 9 months ago
You're not a mod anymore?
Grorr 9 months ago
No way! I asked first!
Tusar 8 months ago
Yes and they are great
Shakajind 8 months ago
They've broken no laws .
Taubar 8 months ago
Those are Christian religious rules mate.
Kegar 8 months ago
1. Atheism is against God, not against belief.
Nikorn 7 months ago
You make a good point dear !
Gomi 7 months ago
Logomachy. Waste of time.
Tygosho 7 months ago
Do you think we could keep it clean?
Dubei 7 months ago
well i live in one of those countries
Fenrilar 6 months ago
which is NOT incompatible with creation.
Goltijora 6 months ago
Part Two of The Asshole Tweets:
Togal 6 months ago
I wasn't disagreeing, just adding some color-commentary.
Faeran 6 months ago
Love is what matters. Not labels.
Manris 5 months ago
That is a nice flag
Taugul 5 months ago
Awww me too. I miss her comments. :(
Kagajas 5 months ago
Of course, your mucho fun
Yolkis 5 months ago
Guidettes don't play around. : )
Megis 5 months ago
Yes, we need to flip them.

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