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We don't even know if WE do; let alone that fictitious character. :O

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Muramar 10 months ago
I wonder what the "rehabilitation"was?
Faetaur 9 months ago
Well... Everything depends on the age.
Daishura 9 months ago
Your the cynical type aren't you?
Moogulkis 9 months ago
Copyrighted for you. It's all yours.
Mezikasa 9 months ago
LMFAO????????my mouth dropped open??????
Moramar 9 months ago
dont you think am helping you with that already?
Molmaran 9 months ago
Take your time ;)
Akinogal 8 months ago
Well, at least some of them were an accident.
Tygorg 8 months ago
Yahoo! You made my day, many thanks.
Fenririsar 8 months ago
"The NPLUs are coming!" ["Not People Like Us"]
Mezirr 8 months ago
Large turnouts never work in favor of the republicans.
Brara 8 months ago
made a difference when it counted.
Kezragore 7 months ago
And the snowflakes say Trump has issues.....................
Goltilabar 7 months ago
Dear Poor Nancy Boy:
Mok 7 months ago
LOL My friends also in club
Jukree 6 months ago
Girls look right through me ;-;
Kazrale 6 months ago
Yeah. I'm still a little groggy from last night
Gazilkree 6 months ago
See below. They've been provided, they're just invisible apparently.
Moogule 6 months ago
Gender dysphoria is a different animal altogether.
Voodoonos 6 months ago
Awww, shucks - thanks! lol
Mezizil 6 months ago
I'm going use that one on the wrestling channels
Fenrijar 6 months ago
A good education wouldn't hurt.
Tolar 6 months ago
According to your theory . . . yep.

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