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And how about their friends & the other people who are

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Tajin 9 months ago
That's funny. I like the way he handled it.
Mazukora 9 months ago
How do I communicate with an insensate object?
Mizshura 8 months ago
it means you want to eradicate (all pregnancies?
Talkis 8 months ago
People who won't engage in these silly protests.
Kazrashicage 8 months ago
Care to enunciate these unsubstantiated claims?
Mazulabar 8 months ago
Everyone walks their own path right?
Migul 7 months ago
Mod comment: Those are the rules.
Ducage 7 months ago
"You only had ONE job..."
Arakora 7 months ago
Mark 9:23 American Standard Version (ASV)
Tauk 7 months ago
Hey Truth sucker. This one's for you!
Dajar 7 months ago
Easy. Take a breath.
Mazugis 7 months ago
...he claims without offering any evidence
Dura 7 months ago
Then people in your community are bias as well.
Dotaur 7 months ago
''lurks beyond our solar system.''
Toll 7 months ago
You deserve it! ??
Duktilar 6 months ago
Well if you?re that stupid...
Kazrataxe 6 months ago
ok i understand now thanks a lot.
Mazut 6 months ago
Perhaps you would say that atheists may not always
Zulkim 6 months ago
Or in one piece!
Gardakasa 6 months ago
It makes her look like a tranny.
Zolom 5 months ago
You've given YOUR explanation. Not THE explanation.
Magor 5 months ago
Did you get it
Dosho 5 months ago
He's wrong again, It's actually much higher.
Galmaran 5 months ago
Occasionally...I like being all goofy now and then. :)
Mugor 5 months ago
Fear of the unknown
Moogugis 4 months ago
Trump is already a master con artist.
Faerr 4 months ago
So you had to be corrected, I guess

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