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794 18:187 months ago

Why does Trump need to explain why he's ending DACA at all? It wasn't a law in the first place, but simply an executive order. If he can be prevented from ending it, shouldn't Obama have been prevented from starting the program?

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Akimuro 7 months ago
Let's double their salary.
Vudolmaran 7 months ago
How are this morning
Brasho 7 months ago
Very Similar except you do have less hair.
Bataur 6 months ago
Why is what my business?
Macage 6 months ago
She looks familiar but I can't place her face.
Zujas 6 months ago
True! He must be very much relieved
Kazrazragore 6 months ago
Here's a post that might interest you:
Yozshushakar 6 months ago
Lmao! And I never say that.??
Zunos 6 months ago
I'd take your class
Mizshura 5 months ago
Bad ole mail carriers.
Narisar 5 months ago
Ive looked at eclipses without glasses....and Im not blind.
Tobei 5 months ago
They use the bible to a different interpretation.
Nijinn 5 months ago
They're different arguments though.
Gutaxe 5 months ago
How about receiving masturbation from your wife?
Digor 4 months ago
Jerome Murphy-O?Connor, Paul: His Story (Oxford: Oxford University Press,
Kakazahn 4 months ago
Where is the limb?
Yolrajas 4 months ago
Repeating??? Buddha is Neither against God nor any religion.
Dokree 4 months ago
This thread is too American for me :/
Zolozragore 4 months ago
You still avoid answering my questions!
Mazugrel 4 months ago
All to say they are believers.
Fenrilrajas 4 months ago
OH GEESH!... This creeped me out!
Kigakus 4 months ago
No. To all of that.
Samushakar 3 months ago
I forgot about that!
Nenos 3 months ago
Alinas Morissette wrote a song about that response.
Vura 3 months ago
?It is unclear which party started the fight.?
Gagal 3 months ago
I don't recognize their screen name:
Malarisar 3 months ago
Thanks, hope all is good, appreciate it friend.
Arashikazahn 3 months ago
I can feel your disappointment, I'll shut up.

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