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LMFAO sure Bogdan and yeah, Disqus has a habit of marking that as spam when I post it. But then? The moderators go in and unmark it as spam lol.

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Akinolkree 8 months ago
And continued government subsidies...
Gardakree 8 months ago
Is Donald Trump the lion slayer?
JoJorg 8 months ago
So then what does it have?
Mem 7 months ago
Most beds have two night stands??
Kazradal 7 months ago
Because He is the only God who is real.
Akinorn 7 months ago
Looks like comedian Dave Atell in a wig.
Gakora 7 months ago
The turtle dipped in for the largest amount.
Moogukora 7 months ago
What the eff are you babbling on about?
Kijinn 7 months ago
Hot Shots 1 & 2
Kigagis 7 months ago
Pick one and lets roll with it.
Kajibei 6 months ago
Yeah back to feudalism? Tribalism?
Tusar 6 months ago
Sorry to bug you here!
Zulkijin 6 months ago
What else is it but logical rebuttal.
Daisida 6 months ago
I was hoping you'd catch that ??
Vizshura 6 months ago
You do not upset. You disappoint.
Dushura 6 months ago
It's from a Harvard-Northeastern University survey.
Brabei 5 months ago
the last President, hmm well Mr. JOWELS
Telkis 5 months ago
Again Islamic claim, contradicting to actual teachings of Christianity.
Tanris 5 months ago
Lol... something 90% of us do
Samugami 5 months ago
Shush, you'll wake up Gungun!
Gardasida 5 months ago
Wiccan is more harmless than Christianity has been.
Faeshakar 4 months ago
Logic transcends raw materialism. Do you disagree?

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