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920 13:3910 months ago

'You worship a child-killing God!' 'Christ was gay' 'Christianity is a cannibal religion.'

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Arashishura 10 months ago
Muslim limerick,John44,say no more.
Dugore 10 months ago
Can ?unbelievers have faith through hope?
Zusho 10 months ago
You have made your choice.
Zolole 10 months ago
We'll never know, she /he may be unconcious!
Zoloktilar 10 months ago
Manipulative lil devil ??????
Megis 10 months ago
You are saying an instictual response cannot be detected?
Doujas 9 months ago
Get Bradley on a program ??????
Faecage 9 months ago
You?re good at checkers, aren?t you? ??
Vinos 9 months ago
This is how Trump works.
Vuk 9 months ago
You need glasses babe.
Ket 9 months ago
Pretty straightforward, the way you put it.
Mauzragore 8 months ago
Trump will tell a lie per sentence.
Gubar 8 months ago
I enjoy the Ten Commandments posted by the OP.
Nataxe 8 months ago
Thought crime literally harms nobody.
Dashicage 8 months ago
Why invent words? Just go with divisions.
Goltibar 7 months ago
Has the absence of God been proven?
Tuzahn 7 months ago
You are most welcome! :)
Kigami 7 months ago
Oooo I want to be involved lol
Fauzilkree 7 months ago
Loaded question, assumes the incident took place--dishonest, dishonest, dishonest.
Arataxe 7 months ago
Ha Ha, I'm too fickle!
Jugor 7 months ago
Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13.
Meztijora 7 months ago
That's my name don't wear it out ??
Gardalmaran 7 months ago
Haha do you have some good ones?
Gukus 6 months ago
So what if it's written?
Arashigami 6 months ago
It was obvious in the article.
Mauhn 6 months ago
Hmm but I like stranger...u stranger
Kebar 6 months ago
Is good to have infrastructure
Miran 5 months ago
Tell that to the Kansas state legislature:
Dousida 5 months ago
Co-pilot maybe? I'm walking! LOL!

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