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How come God had to use radiation for our only source of light and heat? Radiation is poison to humans and millions of people die every years from diseases coming from exposure to the sun. If we try to travel to another planet the sun's radiation will poison the astronauts before they even get to Mars or Venus. For most people this should be proof that the sun and life on Earth came about naturally. However for those suffering Bible Brain Death poisoning humanity makes perfect sense. The Christian God is not only evil he's incredibly stupid. Just like those who follow him. Fortunately for us all the Christian God is a figment of warped and evil imaginations.

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Kigore 10 months ago
The Bible says so.
Fenris 10 months ago
How cute. A fundie supremacist.
Megami 9 months ago
That's all l need to know!
Daidal 9 months ago
Sometimes I'd really like a real down vote button.
Tonos 9 months ago
I am black and you?re a bigot.
Kagagis 9 months ago
Thanks...I stand with you.
Kigazragore 9 months ago
This is a single-shot plastic .380
Kagarisar 9 months ago
They are very weak people. They will not intervene
Ararg 8 months ago
Because it is an innocent life.
Vusida 8 months ago
Well...this is all i have. ...
Fegami 8 months ago
I don?t know one thing about cars

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