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92 05:0010 months ago

witnessing consciousness. is that something you came up with as an alternative for the religious soul or spirit or is there anything in terms of reason, logic or evidence you can show to back that up?

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Daimi 10 months ago
Oh there are many many more.
Shalkree 9 months ago
Mark probably wrote Mark according too. who?
Kagakora 9 months ago
re: Okay. Adoption is not a wedding cake.
Grotaxe 9 months ago
Walkaway is a hoax.
Tojataxe 9 months ago
A reasonable solution seems to appear...
Megore 8 months ago
He should start with mueller and rosenstein
Zulujora 8 months ago
Yes, we are agreed with what I wrote:
Yozshulkis 8 months ago
This is false. Educate yourself.
Mazushakar 8 months ago
More like a downgrade.
Yozshuzshura 8 months ago
Who is the subject "racists"?
Zulkis 8 months ago
Or the garbage can.
Mautaxe 7 months ago
Usually the morning after sobriety ??????
Dozshura 7 months ago
All purpose? That's a first for me.
Voodoogis 7 months ago
What would it be selling, specifically?
Zulugami 7 months ago
THANK GOD! And thank you, Miss Shaywood.
Kalrajas 7 months ago
You are free to believe what ever you want.
Kagadal 7 months ago
just so you know---
Duzahn 7 months ago
Its not a democrat vs the world issue either.
Vulrajas 6 months ago
Ahhh, my bad ;)
Nitilar 6 months ago
Of course she can. She's full of sh*t.
Nigami 6 months ago
Was your father from another religion or an atheist?
Gardasida 6 months ago
I think he meant comparable.
Bram 6 months ago
You arrive at that how?

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