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Pfft.many of our greatest scientists throughout the ages have been Christian.

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Mooguramar 9 months ago
And you have offered exactly what as citation?
Vugor 8 months ago
Gosh, I was just a wee lad of 5.....
Fenrilar 8 months ago
Jesus had two fathers, and he turned out ok
JoJom 8 months ago
DNA is a chyyneazzee hoax.
Goltitaxe 8 months ago
I love not disqus I love disqus community ....LOL
Najind 8 months ago
As for domestication, specifically, I am referring to
Zulujin 7 months ago
Nope, it's all you.
Gardajora 7 months ago
Do you actually understand how Jesus death saves us?
Yozshusar 7 months ago
What is with all the childish name calling today?
Gushakar 7 months ago
Is it too much to ask for a source?citation?
Shaktiktilar 7 months ago
Here is one of the original news videos Juan.
Taurr 7 months ago
So why is he now concluding such

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