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425 21:037 months ago

Why should it? Can you honestly find any legal case where they cited the Declaration for anything?

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Milabar 7 months ago
Ok I will, how many seasons are thete??
Mikadal 7 months ago
And of course that settles it!
Zull 6 months ago
I didn't realize they had actual values.
Karn 6 months ago
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Malazil 6 months ago
Nope. Free will is only part of it.
Faezshura 6 months ago
thanks for that link
Tugrel 6 months ago
What does spiritual mean? If not woo-woo?
Mezigrel 5 months ago
Nothing wrong with your approach.
Duzil 5 months ago
You're just parroting others. . . .
Bragrel 5 months ago
President Donald Trump is no idiot.
Yojas 5 months ago
Talking shit about US military members is not acceptable.
Shakaramar 5 months ago
Posts in question deleted per your request.
JoJoshicage 4 months ago
Yep. They are soulless narcissistic sociopaths.
Gardagis 4 months ago
Wait. Nuns have to buy contraceptives?
Doukora 4 months ago
Step back for a second and state that again.
Juzshura 4 months ago
You look very beautiful
Tok 4 months ago
I?ve thinks it?s great......................??
Net 4 months ago
"A separation from God that is total. "
Yole 4 months ago
Indeed she would have
Samudal 3 months ago
Meaning anti-Self defense at the very least.
Akinom 3 months ago
Let dia be no border dispute again
Vuzahn 3 months ago
This is circular reasoning.
Mojinn 3 months ago
....what color were they ???

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