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801 11:0310 months ago

I heard that some workers were installing a new injun to drive one of the turbans and something caught fyre?.

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Vojora 10 months ago
Yes, this is totally all of the LGBT.
Faumuro 10 months ago
This is an impressive effort by our enemies.
Shakarisar 10 months ago
And I stated nothing about an actual life.
Mezijinn 10 months ago
Your ability to reason comes from God.
Mekinos 10 months ago
Lol! That would've been muy no bueno.
Jule 10 months ago
Just one more wafer thin mint.
Shashakar 9 months ago
Fair enough.I confused you with the other dude. Peace.
Votilar 9 months ago
A good explanation of the evolutionist.
Mazuzshura 9 months ago
Not really if we are cutting illegal immigrants out.
Zolojar 9 months ago
That isn?t a counter argument.
Taugor 8 months ago
Funny definition of slavery.
Tygolrajas 8 months ago
You know Moses didn't exist right?
Maugor 8 months ago
Hahaha hmm what? ??
Dourr 8 months ago
What is post "Fall"?
Gardagis 8 months ago
organizing around identity politics = begging for scraps.
Kanris 8 months ago
I'm sorry for your loss.
Dogul 8 months ago
Duh I got to pay for our wedding
Gojinn 8 months ago
Is that what Jesus said?
Taugor 8 months ago
Come here then .. you can relax too.
Akiramar 7 months ago
That is left to you to decide.
Akinosar 7 months ago
you remind me of someone
Totaur 7 months ago
I do not even like Greenlantern
Magis 7 months ago
Adam and Eve never physically or historically existed.
Yotilar 7 months ago
She sounds like a terrible Master.
Dutilar 6 months ago
you are a winner
Kagajora 6 months ago
Do you think Mrs. White was the last prophetess?
Gardakus 6 months ago
I claim they want special treatment
Arajind 6 months ago
better dead than red
Yotaur 6 months ago
Ok thanks for your support
Felmaran 5 months ago
Definately. The short sharp shock treatment.

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