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Maktilar 10 months ago
Infusing Islamic fanatics with cash is a horrible idea.
JoJoshakar 10 months ago
Other people claim the same thing about their truth.
Kagashicage 10 months ago
As I have said, you labelled yourself.
Aragor 9 months ago
He would be disqualified.having not been born in AMUR'CA
Vudojinn 9 months ago
building a wall doesn't remove illegals.
Bajind 9 months ago
Then dont eat at Taco Bell.
Gugore 9 months ago
What language was the paper slaughtered in?
Nidal 9 months ago
he was giving you the gears, cheer up.
Vudokasa 9 months ago
Amazing. They have those in day care?
Tulkis 8 months ago
One could just as easily say
Barg 8 months ago
Mom, why are those two men holding hands?
Talrajas 8 months ago
Ill have to politely disagree.
Tozragore 8 months ago
That?s nice of him.
Nak 8 months ago
I hope yours is too. ??
Fenrikasa 8 months ago
How can I get a T-shirt?
Doushicage 8 months ago
It is a huge mistake for Cuomo.
Fenrigis 7 months ago
State your scriptures that there is a mother God.
Dousho 7 months ago
Indeed. Hypocrisy would demand it.
Mooguhn 7 months ago
It?s the way the earth works.
Mikajinn 7 months ago
Homosexuality is a normal human behavior.
Vibar 7 months ago
Lol... Strip mine more like it.
Akinorr 7 months ago
What do you mean by this scriptures?
Zuluhn 7 months ago
Non-canonical feels like cheating.
Kajim 6 months ago
Using a gun in a crime usually does.

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